dar_photoI am an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. My research examines the social, political and historical factors that cause and accentuate poverty, and how individuals and communities can break away from these structural constraints. One strand of my work focuses on political selection, state capacity, conflict and governance. A second strand engages with agrarian issues such as analyzing the welfare consequences of adopting modern technologies. My CV is here.

I rely on a variety of methods ranging from randomized controlled trials to natural experiments to inform answers to various questions. I combine applied microeconometric techniques with spatial data, natural language processing of archives, rapid-ethnographies and mini-biographies to provide a “thick description” of research that it is both well grounded and empirically rigorous. My research is supported by funding from Azim Premji University and Foundation, Election Commission of India, International Growth Center and Sigur Center for Asian Studies at The Elliott School of International Affairs.

Update: I am hiring pre-doctoral fellows to work with me on various new and exciting projects. For more information, please see these call for applications for researchers specializing in quantitative and qualitative methods. Apply now! [Quantitative] [Qualitative]

Primary fields:
Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Secondary fields:
Political Economy, Agricultural Economics

Indian School of Business
Academic Center 8, Room 8117
Hyderabad, Telangana – 500111
Skype: aaditya.dar
Email: aadityadar@gmail.com