For specific projects within each theme, please see:

  1. Agricultural Development
  2. Crime and Conflict
  3. Governance and Public Service Delivery
  4. Political Selection


Health Impacts of the Green Revolution: Evidence from 600,000 births across the Developing World (with Gordon McCord, Ram Fishman, Nathan Mueller, Prabhat Barnwal and Jan von der Goltz) Journal of Health Economics (2020)
[What was the impact of adoption of agricultural technology on infant mortality?]

Working Papers:

Parachuters vs. Climbers: Economic Consequences of Barriers to Political Entry in a Democracy
[How does a legislator’s career prior to joining politics impact local economic growth?]

“All is Water”: Role of Irrigation in History
[Does history have persisting effects through mechanisms other than extractive land institutions?]

Irrigation and the Spatial Pattern of Structural Transformation in India (with David Blakeslee, Ram Fishman, Samreen Malik, Heitor Pelegrina, Karan Singh)
[How did canal irrigation affect agriculture, non-agricultural employment and urbanization in villages and towns?]

Designing Policy in Weak States: Unintended Consequences of Alcohol Prohibition in Bihar (with Abhilasha Sahay)
[What happens to crime when the consumption and sale of alcohol is completely banned?]

Electoral Cycles in Food Prices: Evidence from India (with Pranav Gupta and Rahul Verma)
[Under what conditions do prices of essential food commodities vary with the timing of elections? ]

The Groundwater Constraint: Responses to Falling Water Tables in India (with Ram Fishman and Meha Jain)
[What are the short-run consequences of environmental degradation?]

Reducing Corruption in Bihar’s Public Distribution System (with Chinmaya Kumar and Pankaj Verma)
[How important are ‘monitoring’ effects in an informational campaign?]

In Progress:

Public or Private Leviathan? Crime and Development in Contemporary Bihar (with Ashwani Kumar)
[How do low-income, conflict prone societies control crime, restore autonomy of the state and transition to developed ones?]


Tata Institute of Social Sciences (2017) Engaging Indian Overseas Electors: Online Competition Results and Survey Findings – A Report to the Election Commission of India

Tata Institute of Social Sciences (2015) Inclusive Elections in India: A Study on Domestic Migration and Issues in Election Participation – A Report to the Election Commission of India [Report]

Tata Institute of Social Sciences (2013) Analysis of KABBP surveys – A Report to the Election Commission of India